Underground at Mines hosts a free seminar series throughout the academic year featuring speakers from all aspects of the underground construction and tunneling industry — designers, contractors, consultants, owners, manufacturers, suppliers — to discuss current projects, case histories, technical advance and to pose industry challenges to our students and staff.

These events are a collaborative effort from the Center for Underground Construction and Tunneling, the University Transportation Center for Underground Transportation Infrastructure and the local student chapter of the Underground Construction Association (UCA).

These events are free and open to all. Please note: dates and presenters are subject to change. Past seminars are archived below with downloadable presentation notes and flyers available as noted.


04/11/18: About Obayashi Corporation and its Achievements in USA (Event Flyer)

Presenter: Fumi Katafuchi

04/04/18: What does the CM do on a Tunnel Job (Event Flyer)

Presenter: James Wonneberg

03/14/18: Microtunneling and Other Trenchless Technologies (Event Flyer)

Presenter: Brenden Tippets

03/07/18: Seismic Design and Analysis of High Speed Rail Infrastructures (Event Flyer)

Presenter: Anoosh Shamsabadi

02/28/18: Judgment and Common Sense in Underground Engineering (Event Flyer)

Presenter: Michael Vitale

02/21/18: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Pedestrian Tunnel (Event Flyer)

Presenter: Jon Hurt

02/07/18: Pressure Tunnel Lining Design Considerations (Event Flyer)

Presenter: Greg Raines

01/31/18: I-70 Mountain Corridor, Past, Present and Future (Event Flyer)

Presenter: Stephen Harelson

01/17/18: Spring Semester Kick-Off (Event Flyer)

Presenter: Tamir Epel, Brett Kravitz