The Center hosts a UC&T seminar series throughout the Fall and Spring that brings in speakers from all aspects of the UC&T industry - designers, contractors, consultants, owners, manufacturers, suppliers - to discuss current projects, case histories, technical advances, and to pose challenges to our students and staff on needs for the industry.

We regularly collaborate with our student chapters of the Underground Construction Association (UCA), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) to co-sponsor seminars. Our 2013 seminars are listed below. Presentation notes and seminar flyers are downloadable as noted.

04/09/2014: Seismic Response of Tunnels (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Antonio Bobet, Professor of Civil Engineering, Purdue University

04/02/2014: Mine Ventilation (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Kirk McDaniel, Principal Advisor, Underground Mining, Rio Tinto

03/26/2014: UC&T/UCA/SWE Joint Presentation (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Dr. Priscilla Nelson, Mining Department Head, Colorado School of Mines

02/19/2014: Tunneling in the Nation's Capitol (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Bill Edgerton, Principal, Jacobs Associates; Chair, UCA of SME Executive Committee

01/22/2014: Use of Underground Space (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Martin Knights, Senior Vice President, CH2MHill

01/08/2014: Seymour Capilano Twin Tunnels Project (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Dave Rogstad, President and CEO, Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc.

10/30/2013: Tunnels of Denver Water (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Greg Gulley, Dam Safety Engineer, Denver Water

10/09/2013: San Francisco Subway Addition (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Luis Piek, Senior Tunnel Engineer, Arup

09/26/2013: President's Distinguished Lecture Series (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Bruce Grewcock, Chairman and CEO, Kiewit Corporation

09/25/2013: Tunnel Case Histories and the Importance of Ground Behavior in Tunnel Design (Flyer PDF) (Presentation Slides PDF)

Presenter: Dr. Gary Brierley, Doctor Mole Incorporated