The Center hosts a UC&T seminar series throughout the Fall and Spring that brings in speakers from all aspects of the UC&T industry - designers, contractors, consultants, owners, manufacturers, suppliers - to discuss current projects, case histories, technical advances, and to pose challenges to our students and staff on needs for the industry.

We regularly collaborate with our student chapters of the Underground Construction Association (UCA), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) to co-sponsor seminars. Our 2014 seminars are listed below. Presentation notes and seminar flyers are downloadable as noted.

03/25/2015: Delivering Underground Construction Projects with BIM: A Virtual Design and Construction Experience (Flyer PDF)

Presenters: Jay Mezher - BIM Architect & Joe O'Carroll - Vice President, Parsons Brinckerhoff

02/11/2015: Mechanized Trenchless Installations for Small Diameters (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Dr. Gerhard Lang, Business Development Manager, Herrenknecht

02/04/2015: Rock Fragmentation, Cutterhead Design and Excavator Mechanical Requirements (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Brian Asbury, Manager at the Earth Mechanics Institute, CSM

01/14/2015: Topics on TBM Chemicals and Soil Conditioning (Flyer PDF)

Presenters: Jim Lindsay, Jamie Ibarra & Jan Babenderde, BASF

11/19/2014: Rock Engineering in Norway and Development Trend of Underground Rock Support (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Dr. Charlie C. Li, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

11/12/2014: Case Study in Innovative Underground Construction (Flyer PDF)

Presenters: Michael Traylor - Co-President, Michael Krulc - Project Manager, Traylor Bros. Inc

10/22/2014: Innovations in Hard Rock Tunneling for Civil & Mining Applications (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Brian Khalighi, VP-Engineering, The Robbins Company

10/15/2014: Managing a Mega Project - The Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: David Sowers, Deputy Program Administrator for Operations, Washington State Department of Transportation

10/01/2014: Tunneling Under the Sydney Opera House (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Nik Sokol, Associate Tunnel Engineer, Arup

09/17/2014: Industry Panel Discussion (Flyer PDF)

Panelists: TBD

09/10/2014: TBM Drilling in Saturated Sand, Pressure and Soil Movements (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Adam Bezuijen, Professor of Geotechnics, Ghent University, Belgium

09/03/2014: Means and Methods of Underground Construction - Kiewit Underground District (Flyer PDF)

Presenters: Sean Sladicka - Project Manager, Patrick Martin - Project Engineer and Colin Lyons - Project Manager, Kiewit Underground District

08/27/2014: UC&T Student Research Presentations (Flyer PDF)

Presenters: Richard Bearce, Jacob Grasmick and Lisa Mori, Colorado School of Mines