Underground at Mines hosts a free seminar series throughout the academic year featuring speakers from all aspects of the underground construction and tunneling industry — designers, contractors, consultants, owners, manufacturers, suppliers — to discuss current projects, case histories, technical advance and to pose industry challenges to our students and staff.

We regularly collaborate and co-sponsor these seminars with our student chapters of the Underground Construction Association (UCA), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG).

These events are free and open to all. Please note: dates and presenters are subject to change. Past seminars are archived below with downloadable presentation notes and flyers available as noted.

2015-2016 SERIES

02/24/2016: Southern Delivery System S4A Central Tunnel Construction (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Ashley Heckman, Lead Tunnel Engineer, Rocky Mountain Region, MWH

02/10/2016: Applying 3D Geological Modeling to Infrastructure Design (Flyer PDF)(Presentation Slides PDF)

Presenter: Dr. Alan Keith Turner, Emeritus Professor of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

02/08/2016: Rondout-West Branch Bypass Tunnel (Flyer PDF)

Presenters: Grant Millener, Project Control Manager & Ben Seling, Project Engineer, Kiewit

02/05/2016: Bridges, Tunnels, and Life - The Real World of Heavy Civil Construction and Engineering (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Michael Krulc, Project Manager, Underground Division, Traylor Bros. Inc.

11/18/2015: 3D Imaging and Its Critical Role in Underground Construction (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Dr. Matt Lato - Senior Engineer at BGC Engineering Inc.

11/04/2015: London Cross Rail Metro Project (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Martin Knights - Senior V.P., Tunnels and Earth Engineering, CH2MHill

10/28/2015: Can We Tunnel Through Soil with Zero Ground and Building Deformation? (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Dr. Mike Mooney - Grewcock University Professor, UC&T, Colorado School of Mines

10/21/2015: Geophysical Imaging of Rock Failure and Fracture Growth (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Dr. Reza Hedayat - Assistant Professor, UC&T, Colorado School of Mines

10/14/2015: Graduate Student Research Presentations (Flyer PDF)

Presenters: Richard Bearce - Post Doctoral Researcher, UC&T; Erik Poeck - PhD Candidate, Mining

10/07/2015: Excellence in Geostructures and Geomaterials (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Dr. Eunhye Kim - Assistant Professor, UC&T, Colorado School of Mines

09/17/2015: High Pressure Tunneling Under Lake Mead to Provide Water for Las Vegas (Flyer PDF)

Presenters: Jim Nickerson - Vegas Tunnel Constructors & Noah Hoefs - Southern Nevada Water Authority

09/16/2015: UCA Networking Event (Flyer PDF)

Come Network with Professionals from the Underground Construction and Tunneling Industry!

09/09/2015: Tips for Having a Successful Career in Underground Construction (Flyer PDF)

Presenter: Matt Swinton - Senior V.P. & District Manager, Underground District, Kiewit

09/02/2015: Progressive Pillar Yield at 2.4 km Depth in Creighton Mine (Flyer PDF)

Presenters: Dr. Gabriel Walton - Assistant professor, UC&T faculty, Colorado School of Mines