The underground community at Mines is comprised of a collaborative, interdisciplinary group of faculty and students from civil engineering, geology and geological engineering, mining engineering and mechanical engineering, as well as geophysics and computer science, with a collective interest in education and research in underground engineering.

Colorado School of Mines' premier short courses support professional development in the underground construction and tunneling industry. Join fellow industry professionals—owners, planners, designers, contractors, consultants and suppliers—and discover key design principles as well as advancements in technology and research through classroom instruction and hands-on labs and demonstrations.

Operating with a mission to be a leader in the development of sustainable, less costly and more durable technologies for underground transportation infrastructures that can be efficiently constructed, operated and maintained, providing solutions for future underground transportation projects.

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Upcoming Events & Seminars

Underground Lunch & Learn: Fall 2017 Kick-Off
Join the Colorado School of Mines underground community for lunch, and learn about research opportunities including paid hourly positions with the Center for Underground Construction and Tunneling.

Annual Short Course: Tunneling Fundamentals, Practice and Innovations
A continuing education course for industry professionals—register today!

University Transportation Center Symposium:
Challenges and Opportunities in Underground Transportation Infrastructure
This inaugural symposium will bring together underground transportation professionals to identify research needs and development opportunities in underground transportation infrastructure.

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